How does BALVERSA work?

BALVERSA™ is a drug that is called a kinase inhibitor. A kinase inhibitor is a substance that blocks a type of enzyme (a protein) called a kinase. Human cells have many different kinases, and they help control important functions.

BALVERSA™ works by inhibiting the activity of FGFR, which is present in the bladder cancer tumor cell as well as healthy cells throughout the body. Because BALVERSA™ targets the FGFR protein and can affect all cells with this receptor, it may cause serious side effects.

BALVERSA™ is the first medicine of its kind approved by the FDA to treat people with advanced bladder cancer where the tumor carries a certain abnormal FGFR gene.

FDA = U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

Is BALVERSA right for you?

Talk to your doctor about whether BALVERSA™ may be right for you. In order for you to receive BALVERSA™, your doctor must first test your cancer for certain types of abnormal FGFR genes. To do this, your doctor will send a tissue sample from your tumor to a lab for analysis. This can be done with tissue from a new biopsy or with tissue that was already removed, so you may not need an additional procedure.

How was BALVERSA studied?

See the results of the clinical study of BALVERSA™