What Is FGFR?

What does it mean if your bladder cancer has an abnormal FGFR gene?

FGFR stands for fibroblast growth factor receptor. FGFR helps cells grow, survive, and multiply. In certain types of cancer, like in some cases of bladder cancer, the gene that controls FGFR can change or mutate (known as FGFR alterations). The FGFR alteration may cause cancer cells to develop, leading to growth and spread.

How many people with advanced bladder cancer have tumors with an abnormal FGFR gene?

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*Based on data derived from tumors of patients with muscle-invasive bladder cancers (MIBC).

How do I find out if my tumor has an abnormal FGFR gene?

A doctor will send a tissue sample of the tumor to a lab for analysis.

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